Butterfly Sudoku Coloring Book (PDF)

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Butterfly Sudoku Coloring Book (PDF)

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Two Popular Activities Combined!

The first in a series of sudoku coloring books, the "Butterfly Sudoku Coloring Book", is a combination of classic Sudoku puzzles and butterfly coloring pages, based on the photography of Parker E.C. Bradley.

This PDF edition can be printed at your convenience, and individual pages then framed to show-off your best work.  :-) You can also use the "note" & "comment" features of some PDF readers to color and solve the puzzles on your tablet.

Check out some sample pages here:

NO MATH SKILLS NEEDED! Sudoku puzzles are simply logic puzzles; though the more intense practitioners may invoke ideas and methods from combinatorics, or other methods of analysis to help solve the more difficult puzzles. Many varieties of sudoku have evolved over the decades, but the classic puzzle is a 9×9 grid, subdivided into 9 smaller 3×3 grids — and is the type of puzzle provided in this book. The idea is to have all numbers 1 through 9 singularly in each column, each row, and each 3×3 grid. Which means no repeats in a row, column, or 3×3 sub-grid.

This series got started when I got stuck in Cameron, Missouri for almost a week while traveling from New Mexico in September 2016. Getting a few supplies at the local store, in order to hole-up in the hotel while my moving trailer got fixed, on a whim I also purchased a sudoku book from the pulp publications stand while waiting in the check-out line. I had never worked on sudoku puzzles before, but when I got to the hotel room and started fiddling around with the puzzles in the book, I got kinda hooked. When I finally got to my destination, in Illinois, I was toying around with a sudoku puzzle generator on my laptop in a coffee shop while also fiddling around with some sketches and photos on my tablet. A passing customer in the shop was admiring my work and suggested that I should combine the two. So, here you go; the germ of an idea passed on by a random stranger put into action. Enjoy!

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Publisher: Hopscotch with Daddy Productions

Publication Year: 2016

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